Training to slow down split second decisions.

We are creating a training environment designed for reactions. The TOAST Target was created with novice skill of Cadets and expertise of S.W.A.T. officers in mind. Instructors can customize training and skill progress like never before. At the push of a button the entire training protocol changes or the targets simply speed up or slow down. 

  • Increased reaction times. 
  • Increased repetition for instinctual muscle reflex. 
  • Increased decision-making speed.
  • Increased target acquisition speed. 
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Increased first shot accuracy.
  • Improves shooter confidence. 
  • Training under stress. 
  • Easy to scale skill progression.
  • Real Scenario training for live fire.

Built-in skill progression training

Our Patented slide rail technology will allow for full torso exposure in horizontal, vertical or over the top cover. This ensures that your department can use our system to run your qualifications. Before this system trainers were only able to offer one or two reps in their training course. Our target offers similar benefits but now, with a row of TOAST Targets trainers can offer hundreds of reps. an hour.

Battery Powered

The system is powered up to 8 hours by battery. Plus it is lightweight and portable for easy travel and deployment (30lbs). This makes it great to give CQB training a variable it currently cannot see unless using force on force training.

The system can be implemented behind our bullet proof protection for any live fire application and can be permanently fixed and installed.


Custom Motion Profile

You can Control countless systems with one master tablet and you can even draw and record your own motion profiles. All Training personnel can create their own style of implementing this system.


Exposed Targets

An automated, tablet controlled system with Completely customizable motion profiles, speeds, exposure times, hide times, and target attachment options all designed to mimic human motion tucking in and out of cover.


    United States and international patents pending.
  • 2 Year warranty

    Covers everything except physical damage and batteries. 

Bad guys don't stand still

With built in skill progression training your cadets/deputies/officers can run draw speed improvement training, reaction time improvement training, live fire split second decision making under stress, and so much more.
Outdoor environment
Indoor environment

Crafted with insights from combat veteran heroes

The ultimate solution tailored to meet the needs of all law enforcement officers. We listened to their requests during our development and now you have this system to show for it. 

Make it Bullet Proof

Our indoor bullet trap has wheels so you can easily maneuver our .308 rated AR 500 steel bullet trap all around an indoor range.

Multiple System Setup

Users are able to control multiple systems with one tablet. You can even draw and record your own motion profiles giving training personnel the power to create their own stye of training.

Made in the USA

Our Generation 3 units are perfect. They have been through multiple stages of development.

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